10 Coolest Future Car Technologies That Will Revolutionize The Way You Drive


Every technological improvement in the car industry has been leading us towards a KITT-like sentient future. In just a few years’ time, these ten tech innovations will revolutionize the way you drive.

1.Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

Picture this: you’re approaching an intersection when another car jumps a red light.

You don’t see it, but your car gets a signal directly from the other car to warn you of a potential collision.

You have sufficient time to apply your brakes, bringing you to a halt before the inevitable collision.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication moved one step closer to reality when the Obama administration announced plans to push the technology forward.

Car manufacturers are now seriously researching two technologies that will enable cars to communicate with each other and with certain roadside objects, such as traffic signals, to alert drivers of roadside hazards ahead.

Using in-car sensors and transmitters built into roadside devices, V2V and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) connected cars can send location, direction, speed and other information to and from each other using wireless communication technology similar to Wi-Fi. By capturing these inputs, drivers receive a pre-warning of adverse conditions.

This allows them to take the necessary action to avoid an accident, traffic jam or obstacle on the roadway. The range is 1,000 feet or around 10 seconds at highway speeds – enough time for even the most preoccupied driver to take his foot off the pedal. The result? Safer roads, fewer fatalities and better traffic flow.

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