17 Most Expensive Mercedes-Benz Luxury Cars That Will Blow Your Mind


Synonymous with luxury and the good life, Germany based Mercedes-Benz builds sumptuous cars that people long to drive.

The following seventeen cars may be the most expensive Mercedes-Benz vehicles money can buy, but they’re also among the best of the best for so many reasons.

17. GLK 350 – $37,500

It may be the smallest and least expensive SUV in the Mercedes-Benz line up, but this sportive, go-anywhere car is a pleasure to drive.

Drivers love the versatility and handling of this SUV which is perfect for driving in the country as well as the city. Its power can drive it up the mountains with a grace of a wildcat.

Stylish and sleek, Mercedes-Benz hand crafts many features of this car for a truly individual offering.

The aggressively-styled exterior hides safety features worthy of praise. For 2014, the GLK350 has received a new direct-injected 302-hp V6 that’s matched to a smooth-shifting seven-speed automatic transmission.

The combination propels the GLK to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds – about the same as a Porsche Boxster. And, to stop you feeling guilty about flexing your foot on the pedal, fuel economy has climbed 21 percent on the previous model.

Some reviewers note that the GLK350 carries less cargo than its rivals, but this isn’t a run-of-the-mill SUV. If you want reliability, towing and decent fuel consumption, you can choose from any number of SUVs on the market. If you want a comfort-luxury model that handles like a sports car and rides like a cloud, the GLK350 is your only choice.

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