25 Insanely Expensive Cars You’ll Never Be Able To Afford


Whether you are into classic cars, super sports cars or exotic imports, it is impossible not to stop and stare in awe when a stunning luxury vehicle drives past.

Of course, it isn’t just the sleek, seductive lines of these cars that force heads to turn. Nor is it the rare and luxurious materials used to appoint both interior and exterior that impress.

In fact, you need not even like these cars to be in awe of them. As long as you know the price tag, you should share the same jaw-dropping experience of those who do know what goes into manufacturing these rare machines.

These are the cars that make Mercedes and BMW seem affordable. These are the cars you buy when you are just keeping up with the Joneses and the Joneses happen to be in the 1%. These are the cars you buy when you own your own country, or at least your own island, and when private jets are a necessity and not just a dream.

These cars usually come in extremely limited quantities, sometimes just a few dozen. These cars embody wealth. In fact, they define wealth. Here are twenty of the most expensive cars in the world. Start dreaming.

25. DeLorean DMC-12

The original DeLorean from the movie “Back to the Future” would reach an exorbitant price if it went up for sale, but “Back to the Future” fans who have an eighties DeLorean with cool gull-wing doors can now have their precious cars fitted out like a replica of the original, though it will cost over $50,000 for the upgrade.

The DeLorean is unique on a number of levels. First and foremost, the car was not painted.

The stainless-steel body panels were considered impervious to the elements and thus paint was not necessary.

Only three cars deviated from the unpainted stainless-steel standard and each of those was plated in 24 karat gold.

The gull-wing doors of the DeLorean are also unique and though similar designs can be found on a few other cars, the gull-wing door is almost exclusively associated with the DeLorean.

Interestingly, the doors are so heavy that they require gas-charged struts to hold them up. If you want one of the DeLoreans from the “Back to the Future” film trilogy, then you may be out of luck.

Of the four cars originally used in the movie, only three exist, the forth having been destroyed at the end of the last movie. Two of the remaining three are owned by Universal Studios and the third resides in a private collection.

In short, this may be the most expensive car on the list because you simply can’t buy one. That makes the DeLorean DMC-12 priceless. Of course, if you have a flux capacitor handy, you can always go back to 1981 and purchase one brand new.

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