Beware! Top 20 Most Dangerous Superbikes In The World


The average motorcycle you see zipping down the freeway beside you doesn’t always hit its top speed, and for good reason.

There are speed limits on roads around the world to protect motorcycle riders and other drivers alike.

When you read a vehicle’s speed capacity, it usually is a theoretical figure that may never be attained under real driving conditions.

The actual clocked speed is generally a bit lower, though still impressive enough to make your hair part just from reading it.

However, certain superbikes are designed to hit breathtaking speeds on the racetrack while leaving the fragile human body exposed to potentially deadly crashes. An old saying states that “speed kills.” The following nine superbikes are some of the fastest and deadliest superbikes in the world. They are also some of the most beautiful, well designed and undeniably cool vehicles to ever grace a track.

Some of these are still in production, while others have passed on into motorcycle history and are fondly remembered by those who knew and drove them. Either way, each of these may truly be classified as a legend in the world of high-speed machines.

1. Dodge Tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk looks more like something you’d find Robocop riding than it does a typical superbike. Don’t let your eyes fool you; this beast of a machine is a superbike through and through.

The Tomahawk superbike will move you from point A to point B with more speed and power than any other bike currently available, making it one of the most dangerous bikes on the road today.

The Tomahawk is not street legal, so it can only be driven on a closed track. Dodge representatives have said the huge machine is intended as a “rolling sculpture,” not everyday transport.

In fact, there has been some controversy over what to call this vehicle, since it has four wheels and more bulk than most bikes. Company literature calls it a “concept motorcycle,” but some industry columnists have been tossing around the term “motorcycle concept car.”

Powering the Tomahawk is an 8.3-liter V10 engine with 500 horsepower capable of reaching a top speed of 298 miles per hour. Everything is sacrificed for speed, with robotic-looking air vents instead of headlights. Only nine of these beasts were ever reportedly sold, with the list price beginning at a staggering $555,000.

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  • baddog652

    I met two guys at the Harley dealer trading in their 2 week old Hyabusa’s for Harley Road Glides and asked them why. Both answered they thought they were going to die every time they twisted the throttle. A man in Orlando FL died within a mile of the dealership where he purchased his Hyabusa. He decided to see what the new toy would do and hit a sign in the median at 100 MPH according to the FHP. Do you know what all three of these men had in common? No experience with that much power. As Clint Eastwood famously said “You have to know your limitations.”

    • disqus_DOhoCki17X

      I hear about guys in there 40s and 50s out buying their first motorcycle, usually some expensive Harley, and dropping it the first week…. First , learn to ride first and then buy a real “bike”.

  • bigfish

    They forgot to include the Triumph Rocket III. 140 hp, 140 ft lb torque, governed to 140 mph stock. With a supercharger and no governor you can 100 to each category.

  • RayCy

    The FCC?? What?